How do we keep our student roster updated?

When you import your first student roster you'll be required to include an ID number for each individual.

This ID number is used throughout the program, including when you import an updated student list. The system will determine, based on ID number, whether the student already exists or needs to be added. There's no need to document only the newly enrolled students; just upload your complete student roster each time in an Excel or CSV file format.

Any existing students that are found during the import will be updated based on additional information you may provide in the file (i.e. birthdate, email, etc).

IMPORTANT: If an existing student is not present in the current student file being uploaded they will NOT be deleted from the system. This is done to protect the integrity of past involvement data. Students can be deleted manually, if needed, from the Remove Individuals page (under People menu)

For information about updating student rosters across school years, please see the associated FAQ.



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