Clear CS3000/CS3070 Scanner

After uploading scanner data to 5-Star Students, it's important to CLEAR data from the device. This prevents the inclusion of old scans/data the next time the scanner is used.

There are two options to clear the Motorola/Symbol CS3000 or CS3070 scanner.

  1. If the scanners were purchased from 5-Star Students, an ID-sized card with instructions was provided. Unplug the scanner, if plugged-in. On the side of the card labeled "Batch Mode", scan the available barcode to clear the scanner.
  2. Unplug the scanner (if plugged-in) and wake the scanner by pressing the Scan (+) button. Then, press and hold the Minus (-) button for approximately 5-6 seconds until you hear two long beeps. This indicates the scanner data has been cleared.
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